I understand this sentiment completely and that these crazy biases are prevalent, and that attached conversation is horrifying, condescending and ridiculous. But personally —as a male investor — the reason I actively seek to invest in female founders (two so far and looking for more) is PRECISELY because I would love to see them be as much like my wife as possible. She’s my model for evaluating any founder’s (male or female) ability to work, multi-task and think intuitively and practically…. seven kids, works every day AND manages all the crap I don’t do AND and is still able to run circles around my own ability to get s&!t done and analyze and judge difficult situations. I wish all my founders could be like my wife. So how about a nod to those of us (male) investors who see our wives an entrepreneurial and management role models? :)

And for any investor still unsure about investing in female founders see the must-read first takeaway in First Round Capital’s 10-year portfolio review: http://10years.firstround.com/

@BeninJLM. Rare Medium posts, hopefully well done.

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