What “Jumpspeed Ventures is Open for Business” Means

Jumpspeed Ventures is an early-stage (pre-seed/seed) VC fund that invests exclusively in tech startups originating from the dynamic and resurgent Jerusalem, Israel startup ecosystem. This is a brief memo to our entrepreneurial community, to (hopefully) transparently and clearly state that we are “Open for Business” and what that means.

Under the cloud of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic many startup founders are confused by VCs claiming to be “open for business” while at the same time VC funding has been plummeting:

Jumpspeed Ventures is very much open for business and I want to clarify for the Jerusalem startup community exactly what I mean by that.

Many VCs have expressed strong views and opinions on how long the pandemic will last, what the impact and effects will be, what the world will be like afterwards etc. I am neither a prophet nor an epidemiologist, and I frankly feel only astonishment, humility and ignorance as I grapple with what has happened to our planet over the past few months. I keep quoting William Goldman: “Nobody Knows Anything.” But to me that uncertainty does not mean that I should stop investing. As a professional early-stage investor, I feel it’s my job in any environment to peer into the unknown future and bet on startups that can potentially best disrupt and benefit from that unknown future. So I feel that now, it is my duty to do the best I can under these new circumstances, to do what I am paid to do, which is to invest — in the best startups I can find that I believe will thrive commercially three/four years from now and afterwards, whatever the future may bring.

So I am still very much Open for Business.

If you have a Jerusalem-originated startup and feel that you meet our criteria, I would really like to hear from you — follow the easy steps at our website. (And even if you don’t meet our criteria, you can drop me a line and I can see if I can help.)

And — stay safe and hang in there.

Rainbow Over Jerusalem by Ericamaxine Price



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